Maintenance Helper (Huntsville, TX)


Trinity River Authority of Texas is accepting applications for a Maintenance Helper (Huntsville, TX)


This position performs routine maintenance work primarily focused on grounds maintenance. May provide some assistance to more senior maintenance mechanics to repair buildings, machines and equipment. Individual is given specific instruction, and work is performed under direct supervision.



  1. Performs general maintenance to grounds including mowing, edging, weed eating, tree trimming, seeding, digging, trash pickup, and operation of related equipment.
  2. Provides assistance for routine preventive maintenance and repair to existing buildings, machinery and equipment. Work may be performed on motors, pumps, vehicles, tractors, mowers, and plumbing.
  3. Assists with carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical, and welding work as assigned.



This position does not regularly provide work leadership or full personnel management to any employees.





QUALIFICATIONS EDUCATION (required level of education)

High school diploma or GED preferred.


EXPERIENCE (minimum years and types of related experience required)

Entry level.


CERTIFICATES, LICENSES, REGISTRATIONS (any specialized certifications licenses or registrations required by TRA or other authority in order to do the job, including those the incumbent must be able to obtain)

High school diploma or GED preferred.


KNOWLEDGE (Information or facts than employee must know in order to be able to perform the work)



SKILLS AND ABILITIES (developed capability to use or apply knowledge effectively or dexterity/coordination in the performance of physical tasks)

Ability to comprehend and carry out written and oral instruction. Ability to read operation manuals and safety data sheets.



Receives ongoing detailed supervision and standard procedures. Follows standard procedures and/or detailed instructions for each task or assignment; any situation that calls for something different is referred to a supervisor or more senior position.



This position requires continuous physical exertion often of a strenuous nature. Lifts or pulls/pushes 50 pounds on a daily basis in order to use various hand tools and equipment, and carry brush and bags of seed.



Working conditions include exposure to weather, odor, noise, chemical hazards gases and dust.



Hand and power tools, mowing equipment, tractor, backhoe, and all terrain vehicle.


The Trinity River Authority’s mission is to promote conservation, reclamation, protection and development of the natural resources of the river basin for the benefit of the public.

At TRA, we are proud of the many services we provide to more than 60 cities in the Trinity River basin that improve the quality of life for millions of residents.  We understand that safe, clean water is a necessity; in fact, water is the single-most essential element to life as we know it.  We have made it our mission at TRA to make access to clean water a reality for the residents of the Trinity River basin.


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