Maintenance Technician (Bay St. Louis, MS)

Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission is accepting applications for a Maintenance Technician in Bay St. Louis, MS.

Candidates interested in this position should consider the following before applying:

  • This position is typical Monday-Friday opportunity; being on call is not a voluntary situation. If called, an employee must report for work.
  • The applicant must be willing to work overtime and/or work a flexible schedule when needed.

I) Summary

The Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission owns and operates the Port Bienville Industrial Complex and Stennis International Airport/Airpark Complex. Included in the complexes are buildings, railroads, runway lighting, treatment plant, warehousing, dock facilities and equipment & vehicles to support these facilities. The Maintenance Technician is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of these facilities and equipment.

II) Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

a) Base Core Responsibilities:

  1. Inspect, repair, install, modify and maintain equipment and facilities
  2. Complete necessary paperwork for purchases and maintain records
  3. Obtain a working knowledge of the operation of equipment and facilities
  4. Troubleshoot, repair and maintain electrical components
  5. Maintain and repair buildings, both interior and exterior
  6. Assist other maintenance technician/s
  7. Audit and inspect facilities
  8. Other duties as assigned by supervisor

b) Mechanical Core Responsibilities:

  1. Train employees on the safe and proper operation of equipment, as needed
  2. Troubleshoot, repair and maintain facility equipment
  3. Observe mechanical devices in operation and locate causes of trouble
  4. Dismantle and reassemble devices to gain access to repair
  5. Monitor part inventories to ensure adequate supply
  6. Test mechanical products and equipment after repair or assembly to ensure proper performance and compliance with manufacturers' specifications
  7. Repair and/or replace damaged or worn parts.
  8. Diagnose faults or malfunctions to determine required repairs, using engine diagnostic equipment such as computerized test equipment and calibration devices
  9. Clean, lubricate, and perform other routine maintenance work on equipment and vehicles
  10. Examine parts for damage or excessive wear, using micrometers and gauges IP/AP-Maintenance Technician Page 2 of 4 Rev 0
  11. Schedule maintenance for industrial machines, equipment and keep equipment service records.
  12. Monitor tool, part and safety equipment inventories and the condition and maintenance of shops to ensure adequate working conditions
  13. Examine objects, systems, or facilities, and analyze information to determine needed installations, services, or repairs.
  14. Overhaul and test machines or equipment to ensure operating efficiency.

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