McAlpine Locks and Dam (Ohio River Mile 606.8)


EFFECTIVE: 07/08/2024 11:00 thru 11/30/2024 22:00

LOCAL NUMBER: 2024-021



Navigation Notice # 2024-019 dated 27 June 2024

Summary of Changes: The approximate beginning and ending dates of diving activities is now provided in the notice. The radio channel for communication with the contractor has been changed from channel 11 to channel 14.

McAlpine Locks and Dam (Ohio River Mile 606.8):  A contractor will be working in close proximity of the Navigation Channel at the upstream entrance to the Portland Canal, to repair the retaining wall on the Kentucky bank. Work will occur from Monday, July 8th, 2024 to Saturday, November 30, 2024, for up to 10 hours each day (Monday – Saturday) starting at 0700 ET.

During this period, the flow of navigation traffic will be restricted Monday thru Saturday to support safe working conditions.

  • 0700 -1900 ET: only upbound traffic will be permitted to transit McAlpine Locks and the Portland Canal.
  • 1000-1500 ET: During the period of approximately July 18 – October 12, 2024, the contractor will be permitted to dive each working day. If divers are in the water during these hours, no traffic will transit the Portland Canal. Outside of these hours, the contractor may dive when no traffic is between the L&I Railroad Bridge and the Clark Memorial Highway Bridge.
  • 1900- 0700 ET: McAlpine Locks will return to normal operations with upbound and downbound traffic being permitted to transit McAlpine Locks and the Portland Canal.


During work hours, the contractor will have a 52-foot-wide floating plant at the mouth of the canal moored at the site of repair. Outside of work hours, the contractor’s floating plant will be moored on the Indiana side of the channel just downstream of the L&I bridge, in the Portland Canal. The approximate locations described above are shown in the attached image. The floating plant will consist of a crane barge, excavator barge, motor vessel, two material barges, and dive/crew vessel.

All navigation traffic will be advised to proceed with caution while work is ongoing. Traffic shall take direction from McAlpine lock operators for all lockage procedures. Traffic shall contact the M/V Miss Linda for passing instructions on Marine Channel 14. Upbound traffic should initiate contact at the L&I Railroad Bridge prior to reaching the work site.

The contractor will not have their floating plant at the site of the repair when the McAlpine upper gage is 15.0’ or higher, or if the McAlpine dam gates are all out due to hazardous working conditions and risk of barge impacts. Traffic restrictions described above will not apply when the contractor is not working at the site of the repair.



Kenney, Shawn M, Chief, Technical Support Branch