McAlpine Locks & Dam: Bridge Repair-Reduced Vertical Clearance Ohio River Mile 606.8

Notice Number:201155/2022-031

Date: 08/08/2022 08:36 thru 10/06/2022 08:36

McAlpine Locks and Dam (Ohio River mile 606.8): The roadway access bridge over the lock at McAlpine will be getting a repair on the damaged outside girder above the South Chamber. Scaffolding will be hung from the bridge for the repair work to be completed. Clearance above the South Lock will be 15’ lower than the published 74.3’ from August 8 until October 6, 2022. As shown on the enclosure, the vertical clearance during that time will be 59.3’ at project pool stage. Mariners should verify that they can safely navigate under the bridge with this reduced clearance over the South Chamber, and utilize the North Chamber if warranted.


Shawn Kenney
Ch. Technical Support Branch