Mel price and Lock 27 Ice couplings

Todays forecasts for Peoria and St Louis show some cold, potentially ice forming , weather in the next eight to 10 days. Please be proactive and, if not already doing so, build tows with ice couplings until we get through the next few weeks of potential ice forming weather. Every minute counts when putting break couplings back together at Mel Price and Lock 27. There has been more than 30 tows waiting for these locks every day recently for these two locks.

As of the last 10 days at Mel Price and Lock 27:

SB vessels have been getting 2 to 4 days of delay at Mel Price followed by about 1.5 days of delay at lock 27.

NB tows have been averaging about two days at lock 27 followed by minimal delay at Mel Price.


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