Mel Price and Lock 27 queues 20JAN22 AM

Captains and Port Captains,

Please share widely this link to the USACE LPMS system NTNI Website

This web site is extremely useful to see what vessels are in queue, the vessel that is currently locking (and direction), and what vessel is at the “end of the line”. Vessels can then use the AIS capabilities of their electronic charts to see where boats are waiting.

Lock 27 would greatly appreciate vessel captains using this resource before calling them for the same information, the volume of phone calls they are getting sometimes interferes with the efficient lockage of vessels.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s help with this.

Lock 27 is locking NB this morning, will continue until about noon, then change to locking SB.

Mel Price is locking NB this morning, they will continue until the NB queue and vessels coming up from lock 27 are clear, then switch to locking SB.

We’ve gained some ground on the total vessels waiting at both locks:

Queue Sheet #1

Queue Sheet #2

Attachment A


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