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IRPT 2020 Conference: April 20-22 in Little Rock, Arkansas

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The membership rates are:


$550 Annually
  • Development organizations, trade associations, etc.


$660 Annually
  • Servicers, vendors, firms, consultants, etc.

Ports and Terminals

$825 Annually
  • Private or Public Ports and Terminals

The benefits to our members starts immediately. All new members are highlighted in our quarterly newsletter (a $500 value).


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The mission of IRPT is to be a resource for inland river ports, terminals and river-borne transportation services and to promote the value of the inland river transportation system to users and policy makers. We also understand and appreciate the value of an all-inclusive transportation package that includes truck and rail. To accomplish this, we:


Regional collaboration to increase business opportunities and strategize on challenges


the inland waterways and all industries and companies that serve it



cooperation between all users and governmental agencies



the general public and future workforce of industry efforts.


IRPT has done some very exciting things this year to continue our mission of being a resource for the inland river ports and promoting the healthy growth and operation of our industry. Some of our current initiatives include:

For more information on any of the above, please check out the Messages from the Director or contact us directly.

We host several events each year giving our members the opportunity to gain center stage with others in our industry, including river basin meetings, social receptions, etc.

Inland port and terminal facilities are often times very small in staff size and our professionals wear many hats on a daily basis. As a Member of Inland Rivers, Ports and Terminals (IRPT), please remember – you are not alone.

Through an extensive network, dedicated leadership and staff, IRPT provides many resources to our members.

On a National Level:

In addition to advocating for federal funding for infrastructure improvements and higher levels of Army Corps funding, IRPT continues to build relationships with industry agencies, partners and other associations. We have signed Memorandums of Understanding with:

  • Panama Canal Authority
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • International Association of Maritime Port Executives
  • American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association
  • Mississippi River Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Consortium
  • Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative

On a Regional Level:

In addition to annual and/or bi-annual Basin meetings, IRPT participates in regional efforts as well. We have participated in:

  • Missouri River Basin: Annually, IRPT helps coordinate and plan the Annual Coast Guard and Army Corps meetings. IRPT also started the Missouri River Revitalization Committee.
  • Illinois River Basin: IRPT facilitated discussions with the Illinois EPA in the salt storage proposed rulemaking.
  • Workshops (Dredge, MARAD, container on barge, shipper, etc.);
  • Committees (Revitalization, joint committees, etc.);
  • Career Postings and Fairs;
  • Webinars and Conference calls on variety of topics;
  • Regulatory and advocacy affairs (State and Federal).

On a Facility Level:

In addition to providing informational eblasts pertaining to Federal Register notices, grant opportunities, career postings or new business opportunities, IRPT has provided numerous resources to individual port and terminal facilities, such as:

  • Design/create marketing materials, press releases, presentations and talking points;
  • Regulatory affairs (permitting) and advocacy affairs (State and Federal);
  • Grant application assistance;
  • Facilitate introductions and networking;
  • Provide referrals and recommendations through IRPT’s network;
  • And so much more.