Mid South Terminals

Mid South Terminals is a Serodino, Inc. company that operates four transfer terminals in Chattanooga. At one, we unload over 1,500,000 tons (75,000 truckloads) of rock, gypsum, and coke for a local cement plant.

The other three handle various products to and from truck and rail. One barge has 1,500 tons of materials – 15 rail cars or 70 truckloads.

About the Shipyard: Our vessels are expressly designed for heavy duty work. Sturdy transverse framing is stiffened by the continuation of the inside motor mounts as solid sheets fore and aft. Three crews produce six vessels per year, usually a 1500 h.p., a 1040 h.p., line-haul vessel and four 1000 h.p. workboats. Consistency of design assures a new owner proven performance.

In addition to shipyard activities, Serodino, Inc. operates towboats and barges handling over 2,000,000 tons of bulk tonnage annually. Mid-South Terminals Division, an industrial park development and cargo transfer facility and Southern Electric Fleet Division serve Chattanooga and the surrounding area. Serodino, Inc. works closely with interrelated marine-oriented companies to give customers full service and experience. Southern Marine Construction builds dock facilities, water intakes, outfalls and other marine work in the Southeast and Midwest.

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Peter Serodino
100 Hamm Road
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(423) 266-1855