Mississippi River Saltwater Intrusion

Mississippi River Saltwater Intrusion

Persistent drought throughout the Mississippi River Valley has reduced the flow of freshwater into the Lower Mississippi River, allowing for an intrusion of saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico to make its way upriver.

Efforts to mitigate the impacts of saltwater intrusion will be occurring 24 hours per day, 7 days per week along the LMR, with most of the activity taking place at the locations listed below. Activities include construction and alterations of water intakes and infrastructure along the riverbanks, transporting in fresh river water by barges and other vessels, and other yet to be identified efforts.

Mariners are advised to operate with caution in the vicinity of the locations listed below until further notice. The USCG will provide updates of locations with active mitigation efforts via industry wide email. It is recommended that vessel operators working in support of mitigation efforts at or near these locations maintain a proper lookout and notify passing traffic when precautions, such as transiting at slowest safe speed may be needed. Communications should be made on VHF Channel 12 with VHF Channel 67 as a backup. If immediate assistance is needed, operators should contact the Lower Mississippi River Vessel Traffic Service at the contact information listed below.

Location River MM (AHP) & Bank
Port Sulfur 49.2 RDB
Pointe A La Hache 49.7 LDB
Belle Chasse 75.5 RDB
Dalcour 80.9 LDB
St. Bernard 88.0 LDB
New Orleans Algiers 95.7 RDB
Gretna 96.7 RDB
West Jefferson 99.1 RDB
New Orleans Carrollton 104.7 LDB
East Jefferson 105.4 LDB

For information on the construction to raise the Saltwater Barrier Sill at Mile Marker (MM) 63.8 Above Heads of Pass (AHP), please see MSIB Vol XXIII Issue 056 for more information.

Updates will be disseminated via VTS email distribution, and/or Safety Broadcast Notice to Mariners. For further information, contact:
Sector New Orleans Command Center (24 hour): (504) 365-2545
Vessel Traffic Service (24 hour): (504) 365-2514, VHF FM Ch. 05A, 12, 67
Sector New Orleans Waterways Management: (504) 365-2280 or secnola-wpm@uscg.mil


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