Mississippi State University

CAVS Extension, an engineering extension unit of Mississippi State University, focuses on delivering solutions to industry. CAVS-E is a research and education facility whose strong record of accomplishment has fueled its growth as an economic development leader as it relates to transportation and transportation infrastructure.

Services offered include: Six Sigma training & support; Lean training and project mentoring; process control training; facilities layout consultation; transportation infrastructure assessment, planning and training; process flow assessment and training; and simulation modeling.

Simulation models allow managers to perform sophisticated “what-if” analysis on their systems without disrupting the real system or prior to implementation of a new system. Simulation models are scalable to fit almost any size problem and are flexible enough to fit any application or industry, including manufacturing, transportation, ports and services industries.

Decision Support technologies focus on developing software to help improve and accelerate decision making. These technologies incorporate complex simulation models, math models, and optimization algorithms into an easy-to-use application. These applications allow all levels of personnel to utilize the power of these engineering tools without requiring them to build and maintain the tools.

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Steve Puryear, Senior Researcher
153 Mississippi Parkway
Canton, MS 39046
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