Missouri River Construction Update


April 27, 2021 | Courtesy of Coalition to Protect the Missouri River

Work continues to progress on the Missouri River from the nearly $315 million in funds received from the Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act. Though low water is providing some access challenges in locations, construction crews are adapting and digging into areas needed to complete work in a timely fashion.

Work is focused on standard dike and revetment repair as well as revetment overlay repair. The USACE Kansas City District has collaborated with navigators and other stakeholders to identify 15 areas of concern (AOC) that are currently being prioritized. Those are shown in the below slide provided by the USACE. Of ten currently awarded contracts, three have been completed with the rest in various stages of progress.

The below chart also provided by the USACE shows the current rock tonnage placed, contracted rock tonnage, and remaining tonnage to be contracted. The remaining contracts will be rewarded by September 2022 with work to be completed by 2025.

The CPMR has long advocated for improved rock specifications. Once a contract has been awarded, the USACE visits the quarries to confirm it meets specifications along with random spot checks. This improvement will increase the lifespan of the structures under construction.

With a significant amount of work still planned for the Missouri River, the CPMR is urging contractors to reach out to the USACE Kansas City District to learn more about upcoming contracts and opportunities. Reach out to Shane Kinne to learn more.