Missouri River: Kansas City – River Operations Update – 6 June 2022

Kansas City - River Operations Update - 6 June 2022

  1. Missouri Reservoirs – July 1 system check will set service levels and duration for rest of navigation support. Current estimates are for minimum service to continue and a navigation flow support ending mid Nov.
  2. River Conditions – National weather 5 day precipitation forecast shows 1.5 to 2 inches for rain across much of Missouri, Eastern Kansas, and central Nebraska. KC gage is showing approximately 70kcfs with flows decreasing. I would expect if weather forecast hold that flows will stay above 50kcfs through the week and weekend.
  3. Survey – Laying out work for contractors.
  4. Channel Inspector – Recon run is being planned for first couple weeks of June. Goal is to try and catch a falling river. This may cause date of effort to move.
  5. Maintenance
    1. Newt Marine
  1. RM 0 – 40. One floating plant working in area as water levels allow.
  2. Loading out of Jefferson City and work RM120 – 140 reach as water levels allow.
    1. ACG – Will continue to work on new flow control structure at Cranberry Bend RM 282, as river levels allow. Only remaining work is topping off flow control structure and adding a new baffle dike downstream of chute opening behind exterior revetment.
    2. Midwest – Placing rock on lower Tadpole Chute Flow control structure, as river levels allow. Bank paving will be next feature worked.
    3. WA Ellis – Underway load rock in Kansas City Area and in RM 260 - 280. They will be in this reach for about 3 week and then mover to RM 340 and work upstream.
    4. NWK Floating Plant – Loading out of Lexington, MO and working near RM 280 Cranberry Bend. It is anticipated they will be working this location for about 6 weeks.
  1. Obstructions RM 366 – Contract awarded to Newt Marine. Floating plant scheduled to move up river from St. Charles, MO area this week.
  2. Bridge work
    1. Rocheport (I-70) Bridge – RM 185 – No Change
    2. Buck O’Neil (Broadway) Bridge – RM 366 – No Change

Next update Tuesday 13 June.

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