Missouri River: River Operations Update – 23 May 2022

Kansas City - River Operations Update - 23 May 2022 

  1. River Conditions – Rain in Missouri remains in weekly forecast for mid Missouri portion of basin. River stage forecasts are shown falling for next 24 hours.
  2. Survey –Surveys crews are working layouts for contractors. Survey crew completed long survey around Cranberry Bend. This was attempt to better show all concern in area at one time. This survey took multiple days to perform and process. Due to the extra time to accomplish RM 418 was surveyed today, results should be processed tomorrow. Team is recommending placing a green virtual buoy at this location.
  3. Channel Inspector – Recon run is being planned for first couple weeks of June. Goal is to try and catch a falling river. This may cause date of effort to move.
  4. Maintenance

a. Newt Marine

    1. Floating plant at this location is almost 2 full maintenance crews with 1 loading dock. Crew working out of quarry at RM 8 will continue working out of this location.
    2. Working loading out of Jefferson City Reach of river.

b. ACG – Will continue to work on new flow control structure at Cranberry Bend RM 282. Only remaining work is topping off flow control structure and adding a new baffle dike downstream of chute opening behind exterior revetment.

c. Midwest – Placing rock on lower Tadpole Chute Flow control structure. Bank paving will be next feature worked.

d. WA Ellis – Underway load rock in Kansas City Area and work down toward RM 300 – 320. They will be in this reach for about 3 week and then mover to RM 340 and work upstream.

e. NWK Floating Plant – Loading out of Lexington, MO and working near RM 280 Cranberry Bend.

     5. Obstructions RM 366 – Contract Awarded – Contract completion date early July.

6. Bridge work

a. Rocheport (I-70) Bridge – RM 185 – No Change

b. Buck O’Neil (Broadway) Bridge – RM 366 – No Change


Next update Tuesday 31 May.

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