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Missouri River Tonnage

Missouri River Tonnage

Missouri River tonnage data has been compiled for the fiscal year 2018 from data acquired by the Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center (WCSC). A 10-year average of the 2018 data is now available from 2008-2018.

In reviewing the commodity data prepared by Dede Smith of Inland Rivers, Ports & Terminals, sand, gravel and rock remains the largest commodity shipped on the Missouri River with a slight decrease of 2% from 2017. Increases in tonnage for 2018 were seen iron/steel (slight increase).

Total tonnage for 2018, according to WCSC was 4,536,146. This is slightly lower than 2017 by 422,000 tons. Sand, gravel and rock represent 83% of total tonnage shipped on the Missouri River.

Looking at the 10-year average, the average Missouri River tonnage is just over 4.5 million tons/year.

You can access the full 10-year average data here.