National Weather Service: Winter Storm Updates

Monday December 19, 2022 Winter Storm Update: 

From National Weather Service:

  • Key Messages:
    • Confidence is high (90%) that a winter storm will bring accumulating snowfall to the region Thursday
    • Confidence regarding snowfall amounts remains lower, but we're likely to see at least minor impacts across much of the forecast area.
    • Some blowing snow is expected on Thursday and Friday due to strong northerly winds.
  • What Has Changed:
    • Confidence in accumulating snowfall has increased
    • Confidence in the location of the heaviest snowfall (NE MO and west-central IL) has increased.

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Illinois Waterway Lock and Dam Status:

"...we are beginning to form ice at most of

our locks on the Illinois Waterway and with that will begin our requirement for ice couplings for all doubles. The forecast is showing that beginning Thursday night on through Christmas Day we will experience lows below zero at night with daytime highs in the single digits at Peoria. This will create rapid heavy ice buildup from Dresden Island Lock on down to LaGrange so please ensure tow operators and their crews are prepared.

Updates will follow as conditions change.

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Next Update will be at 4:00pm