Natural Wood Solutions

Natural Wood Solutions, LLC (NWS) is a leading provider of superior quality pressure treated wood railroad track products to railroads, contractors, and industries throughout North America. Through a vast cooperative of independent producers, they specialize in providing durable and sustainable treated wood railroad crossties, switch ties, road crossing panels, and bridge ties and timbers for the construction of long-lasting rail lines.

With over fifty years of combined experience, its management team has the knowledge, supply network, and skills needed to furnish customers with the highest quality products and services in the industry. Their long-standing commitment to quality assures customers receive products that will hold up to the ever-increasing train weights, speeds, and varying climatic conditions.

Treated with creosote, copper naphthenate, and/or borates, NWS specializes in providing durable pressure treated wood railroad track products:

  • Crossties
  • Switch Ties
  • Road and Crossing Panels & Timbers
  • Bridge Ties & Timbers

They offer class-one, regional, short line, government, and transit-grade ties, as well as those built to the standards of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of- Way Association (AREMA) and the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA).

Please learn more here or contact IRPT Member:

Jeff Broadfoot, President
8720 Ridge Hill Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46217
(317) 859-8725