Navigation Notice: Cumberland River

RJ Corman Railroad Bridge
Cumberland River Mile 126.5


NOTICE NUMBER: 18186/22-02
EFFECTIVE: 02/02/2022 11:21 thru 03/01/2022 11:21 CST


A contractor is working on the RJ Corman Railroad Bridge on the LDB at Cumberland River Mile 126.5. The work area includes a turbidity curtain in the water which is intended to be pulled against the bank and not extend into the navigation channel. It will be adjusted closer to the bank as the project progresses based on weather and water conditions with the goal of having it be as close to the riprap as possible. The driving of sheet pile is scheduled to be finished by February 10th, 2022 based on rain and river conditions. After this, the riprap will be removed and replaced with a concrete pad by March 1st, 2022. At this time, it is anticipated that this will conclude the shoreline operations of the bridge pier repair.