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Navigation Notice: Red River

Navigation Notice: Red River

  1. Condition Tracker for 22 May.

  1. Following is a report sent out by the NWS;


With the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, we wanted to give everyone a heads-up to a potential heavy rain and flooding event over the next several days.  For the past few days the weather models have been indicating heavy rain across the Arkansas and Red River basins through the end of next week.  The models have been moving the areas of heaviest rainfall around with each iteration so confidence on the exact locations is not high.  The latest seven day rain forecast shows widespread 2 to 5+ inches over the eastern half of the ABRFC, with a 7+ inch bulls-eye just south of our area in northeast Texas.


They indicate there is uncertainty of where the rain will fall. That will make a big difference on what happens on the Red River.


  1. We should have a good idea of rain impact on our next conference call, Tuesday, 26 May, 10:30 am.


  1. The dredge is at Lock 1 Upper setting up.


NOTICE TO TOWS: In order for the dredge to be efficient there will be 2 times per day to pass tows; 6 am and 6 pm. Tows in the cue at those times will pass and then the dredge will resume dredging.  Plan on this schedule for Friday through Tuesday; 23 - 26 May, or until the work is completed.


Richard Brontoli, Executive Director
Red River Valley Association
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Shreveport, LA 71162
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