Navigation Notice: Snake River



Notice number: 18986/ 22-13
Date:  03/16/2022 thru 04/03/2022


Due to a severed service cable connecting the navigation lock upstream floating guide to an anchor point, vessels transiting the Lower Granite navigation lock must use caution when operating near the project’s floating guide wall.

Specifically, vessels may not tie up to the floating guide wall.  Additionally, vessels may not rub against the floating guide wall when approaching or leaving the lock, nor should they use the guide wall as a pivot point for entering the lock.  Crew changes for commercial vessels may only take place within the lock chamber and when the vessel is properly secured to floating mooring bits.

PROJECT AFFECTED:  Lower Granite Lock and Dam – Snake River Mile 107.5

These restrictions will remain in place until temporary repairs can be completed to the floating guide wall restraining system; the estimated completion date for these repairs is 1700 on 3 April 2022.  Because the planned repair will be a temporary measure until the proper replacement cable is procured, an additional notice with similar restrictions will likely be issued at that time.

For additional information contact the Lower Granite Operator at (509) 843-2231, call sign WUJ45 Lower Granite, or the NWW Operations Division at (509) 527-7364.



Deputy Chief, Operations Division
Walla Walla District