NOTICE NUMBER: 12787 / L20-12
EFFECTIVE: 11/12/2020 07:00 thru 11/25/2020 23:59 EST


  1. Installation of the Ice Control Booms at the head of Course 2, Little Rapids Channel will begin on or around 12 November 2020. The scheduled completion date for the ice booms will be on or before 25 November 2020.


  1. The westerly portion Ice Control Boom projects into the channel no more than 40 feet immediately upstream of Light 99, (LLNR-14110), (F.G.). Submerged anchor chains and cables extend upstream from the floating portion of the boom to the ice stabilization island.


  1. On the Easterly side of Little Rapids Cut Temporary Lighted Ice Buoy, R98B, (LLNR-14105), showing characteristic Quick Flashing Red, (Q.R.) will be installed in approximate position, 134 degrees true, 4,800 feet from Bayfield Dike Light, (LLNR-14185), (Iso.R.), to mark the upstream limits of the East Boom Anchor System. When Buoy R98B is positioned, the easterly 175 feet of the channel will be closed to navigation.


  1. After the Ice Control Booms are installed the available channel width for navigation will be restricted to about 385 feet until removal of the booms in the spring of 2021. The positions of the booms to be installed are shown on the attached chartlet.


  1. Vessel masters are cautioned that anchor chains and cables are located under water and extend upstream and shoreward of the visible portions of the booms. Mariners are requested to exercise care in navigating this area and to be especially alert to avoid fouling with the submerged chains and cables.  Small boat operators are cautioned to stay clear of the steel piles, ice-stabilization islands and partially submerged anchor cables, and to be especially alert after dark to avoid the floating portions of the ice booms.


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  1. Questions regarding this notice may be directed to the Soo Area Engineer, Mr. Kevin Sprague at 906-635-3464.




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