Navigation Notice: Upper Mississippi River

Lock & Dam No. 21, 22, UMR Miles 324.9 & 301.2


NOTICE NUMBER: 18007 / 17906-1
EFFECTIVE: 01/06/2022 12:30 thru 01/13/2022 14:33 CST


Due to forecasted weather beginning on Thursday, January 6, 2022, adverse ice adverse conditions are expected and may require a 70-foot width restriction to go into effect until further notice at Lock 21 and Lock 22.  Double tripping or use of an industry helper boat may also be required for doubles as both locks will be unable to use tow haulage units to pull cuts.  An actual restriction may be declared by the Lockmaster on short notice, which may result in tow re-configurations before lockage can be made.  Mariners should call Lock 21 (217) 222-0918 and Lock 22 (573) 221-0294 for latest information and instructions.


This advisory will be lifted when ice conditions improve.




Robert V. Castro, P.E.
Chief, Lock and Dam Section
Mississippi River Project