NEW Cooperative


In the years since 1973 one element of our story remains consistent. NEW was founded by farmers who saw mutual benefits in sharing resources.

The direction came from two local co-ops – one with rail capabilities and the other with additional grain to fill those outgoing trains. From the start, the idea was progressive, savvy, and practical. When we pool our resources, they said, every single farm gains momentum.

Together, our Iowa farmers buy better and sell better. Every crop year they can capitalize on the ability to produce more efficiently, too. Knowledgeable employees attracted by our vision and sense of mission help NEW Cooperative customers know what’s merely inventive and which innovations make strong economic sense. As a result, we’re always achieving something NEW!

 Mission: To add value to our members’ farming operations.
Vision: To remain an innovative and efficient provider of today’s ag markets and services.

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Frank Huseman
2626 1st Avenue South Box 818
Fort Dodge, IA 50501-4381
(515) 955-2040