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Located half-way between Council Bluffs and Sioux City, IA on the Missouri River, the Port of Blencoe serves as a gateway to world markets. This port is the farthest stop north on the Missouri River and shifts high-volume freight from the road to the waterway.

The fertilizer shed located at the Port of Blencoe stores fertilizer for both wholesale and retail distribution.

The dry fertilizer is transported off the barge to the shed via three different conveyors. The 170'x340' building, constructed by Greenfield Contractors, has the capacity to hold 20,000 ton of product.

The Pearl River Barge is used as a platform for the excavator. The Cat excavator, with its five yard clamshell bucket, goes to work unloading at a rate of 500 tons per hour, with an end goal of emptying and cleaning the barge in four hours.

Additions to the ground continue, video security has been recently added, continual landscaping of the area, a fence on the north side along with adding gates at the end of the driveway entrances.

Monona County is paving the road leading to the port.

We will continue to develop the port area by constructing a scale and office facility, a new commodity building located south of the fertilizer shed to assist with loading.

We look forward to developing new business opportunities that will utilize the 38 acres Port of Blencoe resides on.

Please learn more here, or contact IRPT Member:

Frank Huseman
2626 1st Avenue South Box 818
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