NOAA Significant Event Outlook: January 14-15 Winter Storm

Key Points

  • A fast-moving winter storm will drop southward into the Northern Plains tonight, continuing through the Upper Midwest and into the Mid-Mississippi Valley into Saturday morning.
    • A swath of heavy snow exceeding 8 inches is expected with this system from eastern North Dakota through southern Iowa with snowfall rates exceeding 1 inch an hour at times.
    • Areas in the surrounding region from the Central Plains to the Ohio Valley will also see a wintry mix of snow, sleet, and rain on Friday, transitioning to all snow from north to south overnight Friday.
    • Heavy snow, freezing rain, and strong winds are expected to significantly impact travel.
  • The storm will track toward the Southeast United States over the weekend. There is potential for significant impacts from heavy snow, sleet, and ice from the Mid to Lower Mississippi Valley, the Tennessee/Ohio Valley, and into the southeast Atlantic Coast.
  • Confidence continues to increase with significant impacts from heavy snow, sleet, ice, and strong winds from the Mid-Atlantic to Northeast.

NOAA/NWS Activities

  • Offices from the Carolinas, up the coast and into the northeast have been briefing partners on the upcoming impactful winter storm expected this weekend. IDSS includes frequent briefing packets, webinars, and video/phone conference calls to their customers and partners.
  • WFOs Atlanta, Birmingham, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, Morristown, and Tulsa sent email briefings to partners regarding the potential for wintry weather this weekend. WFO Atlanta also provided a webinar and posted a briefing to YouTube.
  • WFO Tallahassee sent an email briefing to partners regarding the threat of isolated severe thunderstorms on Saturday night.





Information in this report was provided by the Southern Region, Central Region, and Eastern Region Regional Operations Centers; Weather Prediction Center; and Ocean Prediction Center.

NWSOC Mission: The NWS Operations Center provides timely Impact-Based Decision Support Services to meet the evolving needs of NWS partners and stakeholders and supports agency readiness by proactively collaborating and facilitating the exchange of critical information, setting operational posture, and briefing leadership.

NWSOC Vision: A Weather-Ready Nation that makes informed and timely decisions based upon the best environmental and situational awareness information achieved through continuous and effective collaboration.