Notice 2024-017, Louisville District Dredging Plan

Notice Number: 207321/2024-017
Date: 06/26/2024 09:00 thru 09/30/2024 19:00

The purpose of this notice is to provide a general overview of the Louisville District dredging plan for the year. Annual channel maintenance dredging on the Ohio River will begin on June 26, 2024. “Luhr Bros., Inc.” will perform this dredging with the Dredge Bill Holman. The specific details of each dredge location and a more precise schedule will be provided in navigation notices as work progresses. Subject to change based on water conditions and other considerations, the locations and approximate timing for dredging is planned as follows:

· Mile 971-975 Mound City (Beginning approximately June 26)

· Mile 919 Smithland Lower Approach

· Mile 875 Tradewater

· Mile 607 McAlpine Lower Approach (Beginning approximately the end of July)

· Mile 455 Nine Mile Bar

· Working multiple locations while heading downstream

· Mile 969 Downstream of Olmsted (Beginning approximately mid-September)

The timelines provided above are very approximate and subject to change without amending this notice because each location will have a navigation notice with more precise and updated information.


Kenney, Shawn M, Chief, Technical Support Branch