Notice: Maritime Assistance Program (MAP); Ohio Public Port Authority Funding Program:

The Ohio General Assembly allocated $11 million FY22 and $12 million FY23 for a total $23 Million for the Maritime Assistance Program (MAP). Eligibility requirements are the same as previous rounds of MAP (found here).

With this notice, ODOT is notifying Public Port Authorities who meet the requirements of ORC 5501.91 and own an active marine cargo terminal located on the shore of Lake Erie or the Ohio river or on a Lake Erie tributary that $23 million is available for applications.

The Request for Applications (RFA) and associated documentation is published on ODOT’s website: within the Maritime Assistance Program section once the site.

The (RFA) requests applications for “construction ready” projects which can be bid out by the Ohio Public Port Authority within 180 days of an award letter from ODOT. Construction ready projects will likely have completed construction plans, approved environmental and Army Corps of Engineer permits and acquired real estate.

The final RFA web site includes; an Electronic Application form, a certification document to be printed signed and attached to the application, business justification guidance. Also included; selection criteria and example of an agreement post award.

Applicants will be given 60 days to submit eligible projects. Deadline for final submission will be 4:00 pm, October 15, 2021. No application will be accepted after this date/time.

Any questions should be emailed to and answers to all questions will be posted on this website.

Please note that the final award application summaries will be published on the web site after announcement.