Notice of Damage and Potential Hazard: Lock Chamber Wall Armor RS Kerr L&D No.15, NM 336.2

Notice Number: 202515/TD 2023-8
Date: 04/17/2023 09:00 thru UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Mariners are advised to use caution when transitioning in the RS Kerr L&D 15 lock chamber due to recent damage to the recess armor of a ladder well on the right descending wall at approximately the 50ft marker. A large section of steel armor plating is hanging and protruding into the chamber and the concrete corner is exposed. Mariners are advised to favor the left descending wall until further notice.

Waterway users are asked to check with Lock No. 15 for the latest information. Questions or requesting for additional information concerning this notice should be directed to Mr. Robert Steiner; Navigation Operations Manager: 918-775-4475 ext 5833 or Mr. Jacob Simpson; Navigation Engineer: 918-430-4783.


Rex Ostrander
Chief, Operations Division