Notice of Funding Opportunity: United States Marine Highway Grants


Notice of Funding Opportunity: United States Marine Highway Grants

Maritime Administration, Department of Transportation has announced discretionary grant funding available through the United States Marine Highways program.

Total award funding: $12,423,000

Eligible Applicants:

  • State Departments of Transportation
  • A political subdivision of a State or a local government
  • Metropolitan or Regional Planning Organization
  • Port authority
  • Tribal governments and
  • United States private sector operators of marine highway projects
  • private sector owners of facilities

Deadline to Submit: April 28, 2023

This funding opportunity solicits applications for fiscal year (FY) 2023 United States Marine Highway Program (USMHP) grants. Funds for FY 2023 USMHP grants will be awarded on a competitive basis to assist in funding eligible projects for the purpose of developing, expanding, or promoting marine highway transportation. This opportunity announces the availability of up to $12,423,000 million in funding for grants under this program and establishes selection criteria and application requirements. All USMHP grant recipients must meet all applicable Federal requirements, including domestic content (“Buy America”) requirements. This program was formerly known as the America’s Marine Highway Program

You can access past awards here:

For more information, please visit the full notice here: file:///C:/Users/admin/Downloads/FY2023%20USMHP%20NOFO.pdf