Notice of Open Season for Marine Highway Project Designations

March 1, 2019: Federal Register (full link below)

Maritime Administration, Department of Transportation has issued a notice in the federal register announcing that the open season for Marine Highway Project Designation submissions is being extended to January 31, 2022 (Open Season). The purpose of this notice is to extend the invitation to interested parties to submit Marine Highway Project Designation applications to DOT for review and consideration.

There will be six additional project review sessions during the extended Marine Highway Project Designation Open Season. Table 1 contains the application due dates and review periods for each review session. Qualified projects will be announced shortly after the completion of each review session. Applications can also be submitted at any time.

Submit applications to Fred Jones, Office of Ports & Waterways Planning, W21-311, U.S. Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE, Washington, DC 20590 or via email to (202) 366-1123; Fax (202) 366-5904.

The purpose of the open season calls for project designation is to seek eligible Marine Highway Projects that may establish new or enhance existing Marine Highway Services. Eligible projects may be designated as Marine Highway Projects by the Secretary of Transportation. Being designated a Marine Highway Project allows the Department of Transportation resources to be used to assist public project sponsors, ports, and other local transportation or economic development agencies in the development of their Marine Highway Projects.