Notice of Scheduled Lock Closure: Webbers Falls L&D 16, NM 366.6

Notice Number: 203488-1/TD2023-14.1
Date: 09/11/2023 07:00 thru 09/17/2023 17:00

Reference Notice Number : 201828.
Crews will be completing work ahead of schedule at Webbers Falls Lock and Dam 16 and will reopen to traffic beginning on September 14th at 1700 hours.

Waterway users are asked to check with Lock 16 for the latest information and should schedule their activities around this notice. Questions or request for additional information concerning this notice for Lock 16 should be directed to Mr. Robert Steiner Navigation Operation Manager: 918-775-4475 ext 5833or Mr. Jacob Simpson; Navigation Field Engineer: 918-430-478


Allen Ryan
Chief, Operations Division