Notice to Navigators: Fox River

Drawbridge Operation Regulation; Fox River, Oshkosh, WI


Notice Number: 2022-06803

Date: Comments and related material must reach the Coast Guard on or before May 31, 2022.


Notice of proposed rulemaking.


The Coast Guard proposes to modify the operating schedule that governs the Tayco Street Bridge, mile 37.52, the Main Street Bridge, mile 55.97, the Jackson Street Bridge, mile 56.22, the Wisconsin Street Bridge, mile 56.72, and the Congress Avenue Bridge, mile 58.01, all over the Fox River near Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This proposed rule will allow the bridges to operate remotely. We invite your comments on this proposed rulemaking.

You may submit comments identified by docket number USCG-2021-0336 using Federal Decision Making Portal at .


See the “Public Participation and Request for Comments” portion of the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section below for instructions on submitting comments.


If you have questions on this proposed rule, call or email Mr. Lee D. Soule, Bridge Management Specialist, Ninth Coast Guard District; telephone 216-902-6085, email .


Federal Register :: Drawbridge Operation Regulation; Fox River, Oshkosh, WI