Notice to Navigators: Gulf and Intracoastal Waterways


LNM 09-22



Periodically, the Coast Guard evaluates its system of aids to navigation to determine whether the conditions for which the aids to navigation were established have changed. When changes occur, the feasibility of improving, relocating, replacing, or discontinuing aids are considered. This section contains notice(s) of non-approved, proposed projects open for comment. SPECIAL NOTE: Mariners are requested to respond in writing to the District office unless otherwise noted (see banner page for address).


FL – WEST BAY TO SANTA ROSA SOUND – Blackwater Channel

The Coast Guard is proposing the following Aid to Navigation Change: Change Blackwater Channel Light 37 (LLNR-5595) to Blackwater Channel Lighted Buoy 37 (LLNR-5595), showing FL G 4s, 3NM, Green. Comments will be taken until April 26, 2022. Please email comments regarding this proposal to:


FL – PENSACOLA BAY – Pensacola Bay – Bayou Texar

Change Bayou Texar Daybeacon 5 (LLNR-5085) to Bayou Texar Buoy 5 (LLNR-5085) in approximate position 30-25- 03.827N/087-11-31.325W, showing green can. Change Bayou Texar Daybeacon 6 (LLNR-5090) to Bayou Texar Buoy 6 (LLNR-5090) in approximate position 30-25- 06.363N/087-11-32.082W, showing red nun. Comments will be taken until April 26, 2022. Please email comments regarding this proposal to:


TX – HOUSTON SHIP CHANNEL – Houston Ship Channel

Due to wreck no longer existing or is a not a hazard, the Coast Guard is proposing the following Aid to Navigation Change: Discontinue Fidelity Island Daybeacon 2 (LLNR-25840) in approximate position 29-43-39.854N/095-15-27.342W. Comments will be taken until April 26, 2022. Please email comments regarding this proposal to:



This section contains information of general concern to the Mariners. Mariners are advised to use caution while transiting these areas.


LA - GULF OF MEXICO - Survey Operations

Survey operations are being conducted through April 15, 2022, in the Gulf of Mexico, by M/V RAMFORM TITAN, towing seventeen, 7,408 meter long cables. M/V THOR MAGNI, M/V ARTEMIS ARTIC and M/V 7 WAVES are on-scene, bound by the following approximate positions:

  • 27-58-54.0N 089-41-42.0W,
  • 26-51-00.0N 089-42-00.0W,
  • 26-52-42.0N 091-16-36.0W and
  • 28-01-00.0N 091-15-30.0W.

Mariners are requested to give a six-mile berth.


LA - GULF OF MEXICO - Beach Nourishment Operations – UPDATE

Attached as an enclosure to this LNM, notification from Weeks Marine, Inc., West Grand Terre Beach Nourishment Project (BA-0197) Jefferson and Plaquemines Parishes, Louisiana.


LA - GIWW - MILE 16.5, EHL - Navigation Obstructions

Three mooring dolphins in the vicinity of GIWW, Mile 16.5, EHL, cannot be located and may present navigation obstructions Mariners are urged to exercise caution, transit the area at their slowest safe speed and in the deepest areas of the channel. Mariners may contact U.S. Coast Guard Sector New Orleans Command Center at (504) 365-2545, for additional information and to report any findings.


LA - WEST BAY - Capsized Vessel

A 38-foot aluminum F/V has been reported capsized in approximate position 29-03-15.36N 089-19-45.54W, on March 1, 2022. Mariners are urged to use extreme caution in this area.



The State Road 23 Belle Chasse Highway drawbridge across the Algiers Canal, GIWW, Mile 3.7, Algiers, Orleans Parish, LA., is being replaced with a fixed bridge that has a vertical clearance of 73 feet, above mean high water and a horizontal clearance of 125 feet, between bridge protection systems. The new bridge will be built down canal and will be parallel to the drawbridge. The drawbridge will be removed after completion of the new fixed bridge. Construction activities to install a main pier (MP2), located on the south side of Algiers Canal, are scheduled to commence the week of March 14, 2022. Construction operations will include installing a preassembled cofferdam frame (multi-layer walers, struts and secondary bracing) in position so sheet pile can be driven around its perimeter making a watertight enclosure. The waler assembly will be floated on temporary barges into location and spudded for positioning. The vessel mounted crane will then hoist the assembly, allowing barge removal by tug boat and then lower the assembly into a partially submerged position. During the positioning, hoist and lowering operations, the existing channel will be blocked by floating equipment for up to 10-hours, during daylight. Normal working hours will be Monday through Saturday, from 6:00 a.m., to 7:00 p.m. All necessary aids to navigation including channel lighting will be in place prior to our reopening of the channel to traffic. Floating equipment for MP2 construction will include the 7,000 Ringer Crane on MCC-110 Crane Barge, 40-foot by 40-foot Flexi Float, 30-foot by 120-foot Work Barge, 35-foot by 195-foot Material Barges, HC-275 crane on N-172 barge and the M/V DUTCHMAN. A channel blocking/closure,will take place on March 15, 2022, with a backup date of March 17, 2022. Mariners can contact the M/V DUTCHMAN via VHF-FM Channel 13, to obtain updated information on construction activities.


LA - GIWW - BAYOU BOEUF LOCK - Guidewall Repair Operations

Commencing March 9, 2022 and continuing until approximately April 30, 2022, Bayou Boeuf Lock will be closed to navigation passage for construction of the new south side chamber guidewall from 7:00 a.m., until 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Lockmaster, LaDon Champine, can be contacted at (985) 384-7626. The points of contact with the USACE New Orleans District are Tim Connell, at (504) 862-2360 and Anh Nguyen, at (504) 862-2153. For further information, mariners can contact Vessel Traffic Service Berwick Bay, at (985) 380-5370.


TX - HOUSTON SHIP CHANNEL - Dredge Operation

Commencing March 26, 2022 and continuing until January 25, 2023, the Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company L.L.C., will conduct dredging operations for the Houston Ship Channel and Bolivar Roads Expansion Channel Improvement Project. The Dredge ALASKA will remove material from the Houston Ship Channel and place material using up to 20,000 feet of pipeline for the construction of a colonial nesting bird island. The DREDGE 54 will remove material from the Houston Ship Channel and place material at a designated offshore disposal area using material transport scows towed by tugs. The Dredge ALASKA and DREDGE 54 will monitor VHF-FM Channels 13 and 16. Mariners are urged to use extreme caution in the area and to transit at their slowest safe speed to minimize wake after passing arrangements have been made. Attached as an enclosure to this LNM, are chartlets depicting the area.


TX - NECHES RIVER - Pipeline Removal Operations – UPDATE

Continuing until approximately May 6, 2022, Tug JOHN B., Tug JUNIOR G., and two spud barges are conducting pipeline removal operations on the Neches River, in approximate position 29-59-27.4N 093-55-54.9W, approximately 3.3 nautical miles west of the Rainbow Bridge, in Port Arthur, TX., immediately upstream of Indorama Dock/Upper Fina Anchorage. Portions of the operations will restrict traffic in the navigable channel. On-scene tugs will monitor VHF-FM Channels 13 and 65. Vessel Traffic Service Port Arthur will issue advisories notifying vessel traffic when channel restrictions are in place. Impacts to ship traffic will be communicated to and coordinated with the Sabine Pilots.


TX - FREEPORT HARBOR - Dredge Operation

Continuing until June 15, 2022, the Dredge EMIL KURTZ is working in the Freeport Harbor, starting at approximate position 28-56-05.61N 095-19- 30.88W and ending at approximate position 28-56-16.09N 095-19-49.67W. Operations will be conducted 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. The dredge will have approximately 4,000 feet of floating pipe and approximately 10,000 feet of steel pipe. The dredge spoil placement area will be confined area #1. The dredge will have 2 Anchor Barges, 3 Tender Boats, Supply Barge and Fuel Barge onsite. Dredge EMIL KURTZ will monitor VHF-FM Channels 13 and 79. Mariners are urged to use caution when transiting the area.