LNM 07-21



This section lists all reported and corrected discrepancies related to Aids to Navigation in this edition. A discrepancy is a change in the status of an aid to navigation that differs from what is published or charted.


Periodically, the Coast Guard evaluates its system of aids to navigation to determine whether the conditions for which the aids to navigation were established have changed. When changes occur, the feasibility of improving, relocating, replacing, or discontinuing aids are considered. This section contains notice(s) of non-approved, proposed projects open for comment. SPECIAL NOTE: Mariners are requested to respond in writing to the District office unless otherwise noted (see banner page for address).



The Coast Guard proposes the following Aid to Navigation Change: Change Mobile Point Light (LLNR-180/6095) in approximate position 30-13-41.507N/088-01-26.556W from nominal range of 14NM to 7NM Comments will be taken until April 13, 2021. Please email comments regarding this proposal to:



This section contains information of general concern to the Mariners. Mariners are advised to use caution while transiting these areas.


LA - ATCHAFALAYA RIVER - Dredge Operation

Commencing March 1, 2021 and continuing until August 30, 2021, Magnola Dredge & Dock, LLC., will be conducting dredge operations in Johnson Canal, near 27-Pointe Coupee Drainage Structure. The discharge pipe will be on the east side of the Atchafalaya River, in approximate position 30- 43-21.49N 091-44-37.38W, near Mile 27.0. Operations will be conducted 12-hours a day, during daylight hours. Dredge T-GATOR will monitor VHFFM Channels 08 and 13. Mariners are urged to use caution when transiting the area.


TX - SABINE-NECHES CANAL - Dredge Operation

Continuing until approximately March 7, 2021, Dredge GENERAL EISENHOWER is conducting dredging operations on the Sabine Neches Canal at the Valero Pleasure Island Docks, in approximate position 29-49-18.0N 093-57-25.0W. Dredge GENERAL EISENHOWER will monitor channel VHF-FM Channel 13 and working on VHF-FM Channel 08. The dredge can be contacted by phone, at (409) 370-0364. Dredge GENERAL EISENHOWER is requesting a minimum wake from passing vessels and one-hour notice from vessels destined for the facility.


TX - CORPUS CHRISTI BAY - Pipeline Removal Operations

Continuing through March 29, 2021, Sunland Construction will be flushing, excavating, and removing the Encinal pipeline from Corpus Christi Bay and Nueces Bay, during daylight hours. The maritime section of the pipeline enters the water in Nueces Bay, in approximate position 27-52-32.99N 097- 23-29.87W and continues south into Corpus Christi Bay to the platform, in approximate position 27-46-44.78N 097-19-59.69W. The pipeline crosses the Corpus Christi Ship Channel east of the Rincon Channel intersection and west of gated pair lights Corpus Christi Channel Light 73 (LLNR28780) and Corpus Christi Channel Light 74 (LLNR-28785), between approximate positions 27-48-46N 097-20-56W and 27-48-28N 097-20-53.99W. Commencing February 24, 2021 and continuing through March 5, 2021, the portion of the pipeline that crosses the Corpus Christi Ship Channel will be excavated. From March 9, 2021 to March 19, 2021 the portion of the pipeline that crosses the Corpus Christi Ship Channel will be removed. In addition to spud barges, and dragline barges, tug vessels GEORGE C, ANDREW and MAGGIE LYNN will be on scene and monitoring VHF-FM Channel 12. Sunland Construction is requesting that vessels minimize wake in vicinity of their work.


TX - GIWW - MILE 610.0, WHL TO MILE 615.0, WHL - Shoaling – UPDATE

Searches for the shoaling were conducted with negative results, previously reported in the GIWW, between Mile 610.0, WHL and Mile 615.0, WHL.