Notice to Navigators: Illinois River

IRCA: Lock Queue Update 16 Jan 2022


I am relieved to report that the queue at LaGrange has been safely and drastically reduced over the past few days.  Many thanks to all of the industry partners and USACE personnel who have worked diligently keep commerce moving through some very tough weather and river conditions.


Here is a rundown from USACE’s LPMS Lock Queue Report as of this morning:



Thomas J. O’Brien Lock - 0 vessels in queue

Lockport Lock - 0 vessels in queue

Brandon Road Lock - 1 vessel in queue:

  • MIKE PLANCHE s/b with 3 barges

Dresden Island Lock - 1 vessel in queue:

  • DELBERT E. KNOY n/b with 2 barges

Marseilles Lock - 6 vessels in queue:

  • CODY BOYD n/b with 12 barges
  • KILLIAN L. HUGER s/b with 8 barges
  • HAMILTON n/b with 12 barges
  • JULIE WHITE s/b with 4 barges
  • WALTER HAGESTAD s/b with 7 barges
  • EILEEN C s/b with 2 barges

Starved Rock Lock - 2 vessels in queue:

  • GARRON SNEED s/b with 12 barges
  • JACOB MICHAEL ECKSTEIN s/b with 9 barges

Peoria Lock - 1 vessel in queue:

  • DANIEL P. MECKLENBORG s/b with 9 barges

LaGrange Lock - 5 vessels in queue:

  • ANDREW CANNAVA s/b with 9 barges
  • JEFFBOAT s/b with 9 barges
  • AMERICAN BEAUTY s/b with 12 barges
  • AMERICAN SKILL s/b with 2 barges
  • LEGACY s/b with 2 barges


Mississippi River

Mel Price Lock - 0 vessels in queue

Lock 27 - 2 vessels in queue:

  • ASHLEY DANIELSON n/b with 4 barges
  • CITY OF PITTSBURGH n/b with 12 barges


The 10-day forecast for Peoria indicates that we will have below-freezing temps every day, except for Tuesday, January 18.  As a reminder, USCG has requested that mariners report challenging river conditions to their duty phone (319-520-8556).


SUMR has an overflight scheduled for Monday or Tuesday and MSU Chicago is working on setting one up for later in the week if needed.


Be safe,


Jeremy “Shot” Tardy
Western Rivers Boat Management, Inc.
Office:  270.444.4772
Mobile:  270.933.8056