Notice to Navigators: Illinois River

IRCA: Cold weather bringing threat for river ice
and ice jams late this week



Please see below and attached info from NWS Chicago and disseminate widely.



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Jeremy “Shot” Tardy
Western Rivers Boat Management, Inc.
Office:  270.444.4772
Mobile:  270.933.8056



NWS Chicago area emergency managers and hydrology contacts,

This email serves as a heads up for the threat of river ice formation and ice jams returning later this week. The upcoming cold weather period expected to begin on Wednesday into Thursday and continue until at least the weekend will bring favorable conditions for the rapid formation of river ice. Freeze-up ice jams will be possible in isolated areas, especially along the Rock, Fox, and Kankakee rivers, where information collected from river ice spotters, river gauges, and satellite data indicate heavy river ice remains in some areas. If an ice jam were to form, river rises would be possible with little warning. Heavy ice cover may worsen on the Illinois River, leading to possible impacts to shipping.

NWS Chicago