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IRCA: Ice Conditions Update IW 21 Jan 2022




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Here is the latest update on the SAR River Ice Surveillance (SARRIS) Discussion (i.e. ice conditions based on remote sensing techniques).  FYI, the North Central discussion will cover the Mississippi and Illinois River mainstems.  If you have any questions, please let me know


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We received 3 Sentinel-2 passes today over portions of MBRFC, NCRFC, and NERFC's regions. For MBRFC, the rivers of interest were the James, Missouri, Bad, White, Niobrara, North Loup, Middle Loup, South Loup, and Platte.  For NCRFC, the rivers of interest were the Pembina, Red River of the North (RROTH), Sheyenne, Menominee, Fox, Rock, Des Plaines, Kankakee and Illinois. For NERFC, the rivers of interest were the Susquehanna, Delaware, Mohawk, and Hudson.

WHD Analyst Discussion for MBRFC

WHD Analyst Discussion for NCRFC

WHD Analyst Discussion for NERFC

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