Notice to Navigators: Illinois River

IRCA:  IL River Ice Recon overflight 01/21/22, mm 272-189


Please accept my apologies for the delay in sending this out – was on the road all day yesterday…


Jeremy “Shot” Tardy
Western Rivers Boat Management, Inc.
Office:  270.444.4772
Mobile:  270.933.8056


Good morning Shot,


Sharing the photos from the overflight… we’ll be posting to Homeport this morning but didn’t want it looming to get the word out.


These photos are for the upper reach of the ILR from MM 189-272


Very Respectfully,


LCDR Stephanie Robinette Moore
Chief, Waterways Management Division
USCG Sector Upper Mississippi River
Desk: (314) 269-2560
Cell: (309) 737-1982