Notice to Navigators: Illinois River

IRCA: Ice Conditions Update IW 25 Jan 2022


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Jeremy “Shot” Tardy
Western Rivers Boat Management, Inc.
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Thankfully it was a quiet weekend with no changes to impacts on lock operations due to ice conditions.  We are seeing a couple changes which include a build up of ice above Dresden Island but as of now they are still able to pull cuts both directions.  Also, ice has cleared out at Peoria Lock temporarily but we will keep the case by case designation for pulling northbound cuts because of how rapidly ice can develop there when the lakes bust loose with traffic.


In Peoria the temp will fall to 5 degrees tonight with highs tomorrow in the mid teens.  This will be followed by temps falling below zero tomorrow night with highs in the teens on Wednesday.


Ice will be building up at a quicker pace over the next couple days so I anticipate some changes to some locks’ ability to pull cuts, northbound especially.


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Douglas Morgan
Chief of Locks and Dams (Acting)
US Army Corps of Engineers
Illinois Waterway Project Office
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C: 309-781-8591