Notice to Navigators: Illinois River

IRCA: Ice Conditions Update IW


Please see below and attached


Jeremy “Shot” Tardy
Western Rivers Boat Management, Inc.
Office:  270.444.4772
Mobile:  270.933.8056



Ice is starting to thicken up and as expected helper boat requirements are on the rise.  I do have a report that at LaGrange they still have the occasional tow show up without the full box-to-rake minimum causing delays. 


All locks are reporting an issue with uploading ice photos this morning and have not been updated.  I will be submitting a request with technical support to look into the issue right away.


Thank you,


Douglas Morgan
Chief of Locks and Dams (Acting)
US Army Corps of Engineers
Illinois Waterway Project Office
O: 309-676-4601
C: 309-781-8591