Notice to Navigators: Illinois River at Romeoville

April 8, 2022: (source) Jeremy Tardy

We’ve recently had a rash of voltage probes taken out by tows at the CSSC Barrier in Romeoville. We’re making an effort to make them more visible by adding a peep light to the top of each one as pictured above. We currently have two installed on the left descending bank and will be adding two more in the near future. The probes are off the wall about 6” and are necessary to monitor and control the voltage in the water at all the barriers.

We’d greatly appreciate it if everyone could do their best to favor the right descending wall when transiting the barrier. We completely understand that sometimes there are factors outside of anyone’s control.


Michael Walsh
Chief, Waterways Project Office
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Chicago District
C: (815) 510-0361