Notice to Navigators: LOMRC Call (Memphis Bridge Closure)

LOMRC Call (Memphis Bridge Closure)


There are 19 boats in the queue SB with 356 barges. There are 40 boats with 685 barges in the queue NB. All priority tows have gone through. The SB tows that have cleared the lower bridges by 20:00 this evening will be allowed through. The rest of the SB tows will have to wait. The NB will start going through after 20:00 hours until 08:00 tomorrow morning. All NB tows past the Upper Bridge by 08:00 will be allowed through. They will allow for a buffer within reason. Command Center will send out broadcasts every 15 minutes before 20:00 to ensure everyone is aware.

High wind advisories may become a factor in the next few days. NOAA forecasters will be contacted to get information from radar directly at the bridge for any high wind advisories that will force temporary closures, if necessary, for safety.

It is anticipated that normal operations could be back on track as early as Sunday.

More information regarding repairs to the bridge should be known next week. TDOT will be sending bid requests the first of next week.

There will be another LOMRC call tomorrow. IRPT will post any additional information acquired.