Notice to Navigators: Missouri River

Kansas City 12 Jan 2022 - River Operations Update


  1. Personnel Changes
    1. – Many of you know Mr. Justin Hughes. He has been the Districts Nav Business Line Manager (BLM) for the last couple years. You may also remember Mr. Brian Turk has been temporarily filling in for Justin. Well recently Justin has selected for a new position in the District’s Regulator Branch, and Brian had to return to his regular position. I would like to thank both of them for their efforts and help with the Missouri River Project. Until a permanent replacement is selected, Mr. Ted London, will be filling in as Nav BLM. Welcome Ted to the Mo River Team.
    2. – Also Mr. Kevin Grode with the Division Water Management Team retired at the end of Dec. His replacement is Mr. Ryan Larsen, 402-996-3861 . Welcome Ryan to the Mo River Team.
  2. Survey – Teams have been completing training and getting annual maintenance completed. Once these task are done, boat ramps are ice free and in water, they will start to do some winter surveys of areas that were covered lasted year. They will also layout work for maintenance crews as conditions allow maintenance to continue.
  3. MVP Dredge – Engineering is completing review of data collected from dredging and preparing a report of results. This will be topic at Annual Navigation Meeting in Feb.
  4. USACE KC Floating Plant – At Gasconade, MO working annual maintenance and waiting for conditions to allow work to resume.
  5. WA Ellis –  Wintering at Glasgow MO
  6. Newt Marine – One crew is at RM8 and the other at Jefferson City, MO. Once conditions allow they plan to resume work.
  7. ACG – This the contractor that was awarded the construction work on the upper flow control structure at Cranberry Bend. This work will be done from land access and ACG is preparing to start work late in Jan. They plan to be complete with work in approximately 3 – 4 months.
  8. Main Stem Release – Releases have been fluxuating between 12 kcfs and 16 kcfs based on ice conditions along the river. Currently they are 16 kcfs. I have attached Water Managements weekly update. The slides for the monthly basin call update are at .


Next update 19 Jan 2022.




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