Notice to Navigators: Missouri River

Kansas City 19 Jan 2022 - River Operations Update


  1. Survey – Channel Recon was conducted yesterday over limited reach of river to get some data on how the channel is acting. RM310 – RM345 was covered. In general depths were greater than 9ft but width is unclear, and location of deepest area was closer to dike side of river than during flow support. Survey will also be gathered to get a clearer understanding of conditions.
  2. USACE KC Floating Plant – At Gasconade, MO working annual maintenance and waiting for conditions to allow work to resume.
  3. WA Ellis –  Wintering at Glasgow MO
  4. Newt Marine – One crew is at RM8 and the other at Jefferson City, MO. On standby as staff/crew changes are taking place
  5. ACG – Contractor is scheduled to start moving rock to site this week.
  6. Basin Weekly Update – This weeks update is attached and show mountain snow pack graphics.
  7. Main Stem Release – Currently release are 12kcfs. Releases have been fluxuating between 12 kcfs and 16 kcfs based on ice conditions along the river. The slides for the monthly basin call update are at .


Next update 26 Jan 2022.




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