Notice to Navigators: Missouri River

Kansas City 26 Jan 2022 - River Operations Update




  1. Survey – Rm 185 – 184 area survey on going today.
  2. USACE KC Floating Plant – At Gasconade, MO working annual maintenance and waiting for conditions to allow work to resume.
  3. WA Ellis –  Wintering at Glasgow MO
  4. Newt Marine – One crew is at RM8 and the other at Jefferson City, MO. Crews reviewing work list to determine what critical structures can be reached.
  5. ACG – Rock gradation completed and production of rock is underway.
  6. Basin Weekly Update – This week’s update is attached and shows mountain snowpack graphics.
  7. Main Stem Release – Currently release are 12kcfs. Releases have been fluctuating between 12 kcfs and 16 kcfs based on ice conditions along the river.


Next update 2 Feb 2022.




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