Notice to Navigators: Missouri River

Kansas City - River Operations Update - 28 Mar 2022


As navigation flow support and maintenance crews are gearing back up, so is the Kansas City District Operations Update.


  1. Gavins Point is currently releasing flows that meet minimum flow targets for Omaha, Nebraska City, and Kansas City. Flows will be adjusted to meet targets including Sioux City prior to any Navigation going above Omaha.
  2. Channel Inspector – Channel Inspector complete his first run of year. In general the channel is in good condition. A snag was confirmed at RM 7.4. This has been removed.
  3. Survey
    1. Completed last week:
      • 2.3 – 3.5
      • 56.0 – 57.0
      • 213.0 – 214.8
      • 216.8 – 217.8
      • 184.4 – 185.5

Surveys scheduled for this week include; RM 26, RM 90, RM 105, RM 130, RM 366

  1. Maintenance – Kansas District Team is finalizing work plan – it will include and prioritize areas partners has highlighted through discussions over winter. This list includes RM 26, 45, 133, 185 and 280, with adjustment based on conditions and impending contract awards.
    1. Newt Marine
      1. Crew working out of quarry at RM 8 will continue working out of this location.
      2. Preparing to start work loading out of Jefferson City Reach of river.
    2. ACG – Will continue to work on new flow control structure at Cranberry Bend RM 282. Flow control structure is in place and near required height. Contractor will work on bank paving connecting to structed, then finish control structure. Work scheduled to be completed this spring.
    3. Midwest – Preparing to start work on lower Tadpole Chute Flow control structure.
    4. WA Ellis - Preparing to start work in Kansas City Area where they paused last fall.
    5. NWK Floating Plant – Preparing to start work by completing repairs to two structures at RM 280 where they paused last fall. On trip up will work on notch at RM 178, if access is available.
  2. Obstructions RM 366 and 397. Engineering is completing design for removal/lowering of obstruction. Award is scheduled for this spring. Both locations will be surveyed and virtual buoy information provided.
  3. Bridge work
    1. Rocheport (I-70) Bridge – RM 185 - Contractor continues work. Contact numbers for navigators will be provided with boat reports.
    2. Buck O’Neil (Broadway) Bridge – RM 366 - Contractor continues work. Contact numbers for navigators will be provided with boat reports.
  4. Monthly Missouri River Partners meeting resumed today and will continue monthly on last Monday of each month.
  5. Spring Annual Operating Plan meetings are scheduled for week of April 11 - 15.


Next update Monday 4 April.


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