Notice to Navigators: Pacific Rivers


LNM 06-22



This section contains information of special concern to the Marine



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Advanced American Construction will be conducting an anchor recovery operation in the Columbia River on Harrington Point Range, from 15 – 19 Feb 2022. Mariners are advised that this operation is within the federal navigation channel, encompassing the in-bound lane (southern portion) of the channel in the vicinity of Harrington Point Light 52 (LLNR 10185) between Columbia RM 20.5 to 20.7. The recovery operation is bounded by approximate positions: Northwest corner 46-14-05 N, 123-43-08 W; Northeast corner 46-14-10 N, 123-42-58 W; Southeast corner 46-14-07 N, 123-42-56 W; Southwest corner 46-14-02 N, 123-43-05 W. Operations will consist of a use of a clam shell dredge deployed from a derrick barge and surveying and diving operations. Vessels will include a tug and derrick barge, dive boat with Alpha flag displayed when divers are in the water, and the David Evans and Associates survey vessel Broughton. The Broughton is a 24-foot blue aluminum mono-hull vessel with “SURVEY” on the port and starboard side and has a Class B AIS. Survey operations will be conducted during daylight hours from approximately 0800 to 1900 and are expected to continue until February 19th, 2022, with a primary focus during the slack and flood tidal conditions. The derrick barge will spud down in the channel when required. The dive boat and survey vessel Broughton will be operating in the immediate area. The tug and survey vessel Broughton may be reached via VHF-FM channels 13 and 16. Mariners are requested to use caution and reduce wake when transiting the area. For more information, contact Kyle Izatt, Advanced American Construction, at (503) 445-9000 or (503) 849-3336 and Jon Dasler, David Evans and Associates, at (360) 314-3202 or (503) 799-0268.


COLUMBIA RIVER – CRIMS ISLAND TO ST. HELENS – Lewis and Clark Highway Bridge inspection

WSDOT will be inspecting the Lewis and Clark Highway Bridge (LLNR 10812.5) at Columbia River mile 66.0 between Rainier, OR, to Longview, WA. The inspection will take place between 0800 and 1600 daily from 28 Feb to 04 Mar 2022. The bridge will be inspected using three under bridge inspection trucks (UBITs) that occupy a portion of the roadway and extend booms under the bridge. Marine traffic will not be impacted, however, the vertical clearance will be reduced up to 10 feet. Mariners are advised to use caution while transiting the area, and be aware of fall hazards. UBIT buckets will have flashing amber lights. UBIT operators will watch for and give way to tall marine vessels. For more information on the bridge inspections, contact Jim Patton at (360) 628-4439 or



The Coast Guard has approved a request for a temporary deviation from the operating schedule that governs the East Pasco Railroad Bridge 3.08 (LLNR 13112) across the Snake River at mile 1.5, in Burbank, WA. The subject bridge provides 14 feet of vertical clearance above ordinary high water in the closed-to-navigation position. The deviation is necessary to accommodate electrical and mechanical upgrades. Bridge 3.08 is normally maintained in the open-to-navigation position. The requested closure is scheduled to align with the Columbia River and Snake River 2022 USACE navigation lock closure. The draw closure will be from 0800 on 21 Feb 2022 to 1800 on 07 Mar 2022. During this closure period, the draw will not be able to open to marine vessels and vessels engaged in emergency operations. Vessels able to pass through the bridge in the closed[1]to-navigation position may do so at any time. For more information contact Jeff Swanson at


SNAKE RIVER – LOWER GRANITE LAKE – Lower Granite Navigation lock delays

Divers will perform work in the vicinity of the Lower Granite navigation lock upstream floating guide wall between the hours of 0700-1700, 22 – 28 Feb 2022. Work will include a hand-over-hand inspection of the guide wall cables, and replacement of the keyway bolts that attach the guide wall to the dam. During this timeframe vessels may experience up to a two-hour delay to their lockage.


OREGON – SNAKE RIVER – Bridge notice

ODOT will be repairing the bridge that spans the Snake River in Ontario OR at river mile 372. The operations will occur seven days a week, daylight hours only, from 01 Apr to 31 Oct 2022. The bridge will be repaired using an under-bridge inspection truck (UBIT) or snooper crane that occupies approximately 10 feet of the vertical span of the bridge, work containment platforms that occupies approximately 6 feet of vertical span of the bridges, and a barge that will occupy one of the nine existing bridge spans. Mariners are advised to use caution while transiting the area. For additional information contact ODOT District 14 Project Manager, Petr Lovasik at (541) 823-4021 or (541) 709-6889 (cellular) or



NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory deployed an autonomous underwater research glider in the waters approximately 1.5 nm north of Meadow Point near Golden Gardens. The glider will operate within one mile of 47-42-12 N, 122-24-36 W, and conduct dives down to 150 meters and surface every 45 minutes to transmit data. Operations are expected to run until 15 Mar 2022. Mariners are requested to not disturb or touch the glider during these operations. For more information, contact Nick Delich, PMEL, at (206) 552-6065 or call the number listed on the glider.


WASHINGTON – HOOD CANAL – DABOB BAY – Submersible Vehicle testing

The US Navy will be conducting submersible vehicle testing in the Dabob Bay military operating area and in the waters of Hood Canal south to Triton Head from 23 Feb to 11 Mar 2022. Operations will be conducted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Operations will involve semisubmersible and submersible vehicles possibly escorted by M/V Jack Robertson and small naval craft with a flashing red light. The small craft and Jack Robertson will monitor VHF-FM channels 12 and 16. The call sign for the small craft will be “Range security craft”. A small, lighted surface buoy will be left in place during the operations at position 47 38’ 20.24”N / 122 54’ 59.21”W. The buoy will have a white flashing light. All craft transiting the area are requested to exercise caution and maintain a sharp lookout for possible semi-submerged vehicles. Questions should be directed to the Pacific Northwest Range Management and Ops Division, Range Control Branch, at (360) 396-2313.



This section contains information of general concern to the Mariners. Mariners are advised to use caution while transiting these areas.



The summary of Bridge Lighting Discrepancies and Corrections is listed as Enclosure (1) of this Local Notice to Mariners.



The summary of Dredging Operations is listed as Enclosure (2) of this Local Notice to Mariners.



The summary of Marine Events is listed as Enclosure (3) of this Local Notice to Mariners.