Notice to Navigators: Pacific Rivers


LNM 09-22



This section contains information of special concern to the Marine



The Coast Guard intends to approve a temporary deviation from the normal operating schedule that governs the Steel Railroad-Highway Bridge (LLNR 14955.3) across the Willamette River, RM 12.1. The Steel Bridge need not open the upper lift to marine traffic from 0830 – 1130 on 10 Apr 2022. This deviation supports the Bridge to Brews event. The lower lift span of the Steel Bridge operates in accordance with 33 CFR 117.5 (open on single). When the lower lift is in the closed-to-navigation position, the bridge provides 26 feet of vertical clearance above Columbia River Datum 0.0; and in the open-to-navigation position with the upper lift in the closed-to-navigation position, the vertical clearance is 71 feet above Columbia River Datum 0.0. The Steel Bridge will be able to open the lower deck, and the upper deck if required, for emergencies. This part of the Willamette River does not have an immediate alternate route for vessels to pass. Vessels able to pass through the Steel Bridge with the lower deck in the closed or open-to-navigation position, or the upper deck in the closed-to-navigation position may do so at any time. The normal operating schedule for the Steel Bridge upper lift is in accordance with 33 CFR § 117.897(c)(3)(ii). The Coast Guard has previously approved a deviation for the Broadway Bridge and Hawthorne Bridge supporting the Bridge to Brews event. Please submit objections for the Steel Railroad[1]Highway Bridge deviation to by 16 Mar 2022.



The Coast Guard has approved a temporary operating rule change that governs the Morrison Highway Bridge (LLNR 14955.5) across the Willamette River, mile 12.8 at Portland, OR. The Morrison Bridge operates in accordance with 33 CFR 117.897(c)(3)(iv). This temporary rule temporarily suspends the current regulatory cite regarding the Morrison Bridge, and adds a temporary paragraph 33 CFR § 117.897(c)(3)(vi) which amends the operating schedule of the Morrison Bridge. The rule change authorizes the subject bridge to open half of the draw span on signal when at least a two-hour notice has been given, or four-hour notice if a tug assist is needed from 1900 on 01 Apr 2022 through 1900 on 31 May 2023. Mariners may contact the Hawthorne Bridge operator via telephone at (503) 988-3452 or VHF radio channel 13 for an opening of the Morrison Bridge. Half of the draw will be maintained in the closed-to-navigation position to allow for preservation and painting maintenance. The rule change allows the Morrison Bridge to alternate operation of the east or west leaf span during the temporary rule period. The west span will be operational at the beginning of project and the east span will be in the closed-to-navigation position. The horizontal clearance with a full opening is 185 feet, therefore, in single leaf operations, the temporary rule change reduces the horizontal clearance to approximately 90 feet. If any mariner submits a full opening request to the County prior to construction beginning on 01 Apr 22, a full opening can be scheduled. The dates to switch operational spans will be determined later and published in the Local Notice to Mariners. This rule reasonably accommodates waterway users while reducing Multnomah County’s burden to safely clear work crews for bridge openings. When the operational span is in the closed-to-navigation position, the vertical clearance is 69 feet in center and 48 feet on the side. The vertical clearance of the operational span is unlimited when in the open-to-navigation position. This regulation approval allows a containment system under the bridge that reduces the non[1]opening half of the bridge’s vertical clearance by 5 feet from 69 feet center to 64 feet, and from 48 feet on the sides to 43 feet. All draw clearances are above the Columbia River Datum 0.0. Vessels able to pass through the bridge in the closed-to-navigation position may do so at any time. In accordance with 33 CFR 117.35(e), the bridge must return to its regular operating schedule immediately at the end of the designated time-period. For additional information on this event, contact Matt Studer at



Washington State Department of Transportation will be inspecting the US-12, Heron Street Highway Bridge (LLNR 16072.2) that spans the Wishkah River near Aberdeen, WA. The inspection will take place between 0900 and 1200 on 12 May 2022. The bridge will be inspected using an under-bridge inspection truck (UBIT) that occupies a portion of the roadway and extends a boom under the bridge. There is no fixed impact to navigational clearance from this operation (~10 ft. reduction to clearance while bucket is under the bridge, however UBIT will promptly give way to tall marine vessels). Mariners are advised to use caution while transiting the area. UBIT bucket will have a flashing orange light on the bottom and a safety lookout will be on the bridge. Bridge openings will occur as usual. For additional information, contact Alan Kuper, P.E. at (360) 701- 0556 or


WASHINGTON – PUGET SOUND – HOOD CANAL – Naval Test and Evaluation Barge operations

The Naval Surface Warfare Center Detachment Puget Sound, located at SUBASE Bangor, will be working with Western Towboat to operate the Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Barge M241 in the waters of Hood Canal. The operations will be conducted between Carson Spit and Hazel Point in water greater than 25 fathoms in depth, and are scheduled from sunrise until sunset, Monday through Friday, from 06 – 30 Mar 2022. Short gaps in the schedule are expected to occur to allow for correction of technical issues. The operations will consist of low speed straight-line courses parallel to the shoreline with some stationary periods to perform deck operations. A 28-foot tracking vessel will accompany the barge and occasionally be underway to participate in operations. Questions can be directed to any operating support craft/personnel on marine VHF Channel 16, 88A or the Naval Surface Warfare Center waterfront POCs Mark Moss (360) 396-2948 or Steve Polillo (360) 315-0333.


WASHINGTON – PUGET SOUND – PORT TOWNSEND – Indian Island small boat exercises

The Navy will conduct tactical boat operations on 10 Mar 2022 on the water along the western side of US Naval Magazine Indian Island, during the hours of 0800-1600. The exercise area is located from the southern portion of Crane Point at 48-02-55.352N,122-44-31.121W extending westward to 48-02-55.352N, 122-44-52.674W, extending NNW to 48-04-19.272N, 122-45-36.436W, and extending to the N and NE encompassing 500 meters standoff from the Portable Security Barrier (PSB) system to Walan Point. Potential hazards will include two 33-foot Police boats, grey in color with blue lights flashing conducting high-speed maneuvers intercepting surface vessels performing simulated attacks on the waterfront of Indian Island. Military Police personnel will be using machine guns with blank fire to repel simulated hostile forces. This training area is restricted to U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and Jefferson County Sheriff vessels during the above mentioned times. It is required that all vessels maintain a safe distance in all directions from the northern edge of the Ammunition Pier extending from Walan Point extending westward to the identified coordinates and south of Crane Point area as well as 500 yards from the vessels engaged in exercises. Vessels involved in the exercise can be contacted on VHF-FM channels 69, 71 and 16. For more information, contact Naval Magazine Indian Island, Bela Radvanyi at (360) 396- 5361 or email


WASHINGTON – PUGET SOUND – LAKE WASHINGTON SHIP CANAL – Hiram M. Chittenden Locks Small Chamber Closure

The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks small chamber closed to all marine traffic at 0530 on 28 Feb and will remain closed for routine maintenance until 1700 on 14 Mar 2022. The large lock will continue around-the-clock operations for vessels. Lock wall staff will get commercial traffic through as quickly as possible. All pleasure boats will use the large lock and boaters should be prepared with appropriate equipment and crew. Mariners may experience delays, depending on passage demand. Large lock requirements include long lines and fenders on board. Kayakers are not allowed to use the large lock chamber. Current locking through information is available at: The annual closure gives dam safety experts and maintenance staff the chance to dry out the chambers for thorough inspections and to make necessary repairs. For more information contact the Lockmasters at (206) 297-9821.



This section contains information of general concern to the Mariners. Mariners are advised to use caution while transiting these areas.



The summary of Bridge Lighting Discrepancies and Corrections is listed as Enclosure (1) of this Local Notice to Mariners.



The summary of Dredging Operations is listed as Enclosure (2) of this Local Notice to Mariners.



The summary of Marine Events is listed as Enclosure (3) of this Local Notice to Mariners.