Notice to Navigators: Red River

Red River Navigation Update 02/10/22


  1. ACME Gage: Today it is at 13.41' and projected to rise to 14.5' on Monday, 14 February, and this is probably not a crest.

    Red River Landing Gage: Today it is at 30.27' and projected to crest at 40.5' on Monday, 21 February.


  1. We will have an in-person navigation meeting on Wednesday, 23 February, 2:30 pm.

It will be at the Shreveport Convention Center, 400 Caddo St, Shreveport, LA, Room 208.

Parking is in the high-rise parking garage across Market Street from the Hilton Hotel, 104 Market St, Shreveport, LA. There is a walkway from the top level, over Market St., to the Convention Center.

Attached is a draft agenda for the meeting - let me know if you have any items to add.


Richard Brontoli, Executive Director
Red River Valley Association
P.O. Box 709
Shreveport, LA 71162
Cell: 318-393-6207
Fax: 318-425-0516