Notice to Navigators: Red River

Red River Lock 1 & Old River Lock Info


Please click here to view the USACE slides regarding the Lindy C Boggs L & D and Red River L & D 1.


Old River Lock Major Maintenance

* At this time Old River Lock plans on closing on 15 August 2022 for 90 days.

* There is no opportunity for intermittent openings during this closure.


Red River Lock 1 Major Maintenance

* Lock 1 will be closed for 60 days during the 90 day Old River Lock closure.

* Attached is information on the work to be performed.


Industry Input

* Access to the Mississippi River, through Old River Lock will be closed for 90 days.

* Industry needs to consider stockpiling product.

* There is an alternate route, around Old River Lock, by the Atchafalaya River.

* Vicksburg District is considering opening Lock 1 during the 60 day closure to pass traffic.

* Industry needs to consider the option of Lock 1 closed for 30 days, open for 1-2 weeks and closed for 30 days - BUT would have to use the Atchafalaya River.


New Orleans Lock Status: Attached is an example of lock status for the New Orleans District. You may want to get on the email distribution to assist in determining impacts to alternate routes during the Old River Closure.

Contact: Kirk Dietrich,


We request your impacts and industry input by 29 April.


Richard Brontoli, Executive Director
Red River Valley Association
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Cell: 318-393-6207
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