Notice to Navigators: Southeast Rivers


Southeast Rivers

LNM 15-22


This section contains information of special concern to the Mariner.


*new*     FLORIDA - ATLANTIC OCEAN/GULF OF MEXICO: Temporary Safety Zones Associated with Space Capsule Re-entry Activities.

The United States Coast Guard is establishing five temporary safety zones for space capsule recovery missions to provide for the safety of the maritime public. During space capsule re-entry activities, the Captain of the Port Jacksonville and Captain of the Port St. Petersburg may provide actual notice of enforcement of these zones. The zones are designed to be in effect for two hours at a time. Coast Guard patrol boats may be on scene to enforce these zones.

(1) Cape Canaveral site:

Point 1: 29-02-27N/080-13-48W

Point 2: 28-51-00N/080-00-46W

Point 3: 28-39-32N/080-13-48W

Point 4: 28-51-00N/080-26-49W

Point 5: 29-02-27N/080-13-48W

(2) Daytona site:

Point 1: 29-59-27N/080-35-59W

Point 2: 29-48-00N/080-22-51W

Point 3: 29-36-32N/080-35-59W

Point 4: 29-48-00N/080-49-08W

Point 5: 29-59-27N/080-35-59W

(3) Jacksonville site:

Point 1: 31-06-28N/080-15-00W

Point 2: 30-55-01N/080-01-40W

Point 3: 30-43-30N/080-15-00W

Point 4: 30-55-01N/080-28-19W

Point 5: 31-06-28N/080-15-00W

(4) Tampa site:

Point 1: 28-17-27N/083-54-00W

Point 2: 28-06-00N/083-41-02W

Point 3: 27-54-32N/083-54-00W

Point 4: 28-06-00N/084-06-57W

Point 5: 28-17-27N/083-54-00W

(5) Tallahassee site:

Point 1: 29-22-38N/084-05-20W

Point 2: 29-16-59N/083-58-55W

Point 3: 29-06-20N/084-11-12W

Point 4: 29-22-38N/084-05-20W


*new*     FLORIDA - INTRACOASTAL WATERWAY - OKEECHOBEE WATERWAY: Waterway Analysis and Management System review.

The U.S. Coast Guard is conducting a Waterway Analysis and Management System (WAMS) review of the Okeechobee Waterway from St. Lucie Inlet to Moore Haven (Mile 80). The study focuses on the area’s aids to navigation, waterborne commerce, marine casualty information, port/harbor resources, emergency response plans, routing and emergency communication capabilities, and future development projects. Input regarding the waterway and aids to navigation system must be received by MAY 16, 2022. Input may be provided using the survey link below or directly to the point of contact listed.

Send comments to:

U.S. Coast Guard Sector Miami

Attn: CWO4 E. J. Watson

Prevention Department

Waterways Management

100 MacArthur Causeway

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: 305-535-4307 or 786-295-9051




In accordance with Section 7-11 of the Apalachicola, Chattahoochee and Flint Master Water Control Manual and the Jim Woodruff Lock and Dam and Lake Seminole Water Control Manual (Appendix A) dated March 2017, a 7-foot navigation channel will be supported via water releases on the ACF through May when the composite storage for the system is in Zones 1 and 2.  The composite storage graphic, which is updated weekly, can be viewed at the following website:

A 7.4 foot Blountstown Stage is needed to provide a 7-foot channel on the Apalachicola River.  River stages for the ACF system can be viewed at:

Commercial mariners should schedule lockage appointments at the Jim Woodruff Lock by calling (850) 663-4692 or (229) 723-3482.  George W. Andrews and Walter F. George Locks remain closed due to mechanical failures.  Navigation Bulletins will be issued on a monthly and as-needed basis throughout the navigation season.  For further information, mariners can contact Ashley Kleinschrodt, at (251) 694-3726.



This section contains information of general concern to the Mariners. Mariners are advised to use caution while transiting these areas.



Due to high flow conditions at the Cheatham L/D, in the vicinity of Mile 149.0, the L/D has limited tow configurations.  Tows configurations have been limited to no greater length/width than would be 9 jumbo barges made up in a 3 by 3 configuration and will not exceed approximately 105 feet by 795 feet, overall, including the towboat.  Only single lockage will be allowed.  No barges on the hip and the tow must enter/exit the lock made up and may not be separated for multiple lockage until flow rates at the lock falls below 75,000 C.F.S.




The COTP Pittsburgh has issued the following Safety Advisory due to the gate opening at L/D 4, in the vicinity of Mile 41.5, being greater than 8 feet. Mariners are urged to exercise double locking through L/D 4.



The gate opening at Braddock L/D, vicinity of Mile 11.3, is greater than 15.0 feet.  The COTP Pittsburgh has issued the following Safety Advisory; Exercise caution when transiting under the McKeesport - Duquesne Highway Bridge, in the vicinity of Mile 14.0 and the Union Railroad Bridge, in the vicinity of Mile 14.2, due to the narrow channel and the short distance between these two bridges.



Continuing until approximately April 14, 2022, dive and sonar operations are being conducted in the vicinity of Mile 0.3, Fort Pitt Bridge.  Mariners are urged to transit the area at their slowest safe speed to minimize their wake and proceed with caution.



Cottrell Contracting Corporation dredge ROCKBRIDGE will be conducting dredging operations beginning April 15, 2022 with an anticipated completion of August 1, 2022 on the St Johns River from the north end of Bartram Island to and adjacent to the Tallyrand Terminals (Lower Terminal Channel). Dredging will be performed beginning approximately at Drummond Creek Cut Lighted Buoy 59 (LLNR 7500) to approximately 1000 feet south of Terminal Channel Lighted Buoy 75 (LLNR 7620). Pipeline length through the course of the project will vary from 6,000 feet to 40,000 feet of 20-inch pipeline is to be used for transporting the material to Bartram Island.

All mariners are requested to stay clear of the dredge, pipelines, barge, derricks and operating wires about the dredge. All operators should be aware that the dredge and pontoon lines are held in place by cables, which are attached to anchors some distance from the dredge and pontoons. Buoys are attached to the anchors so that they may be moved as the dredge moves. Submerged lines should be avoided. Mariners are requested to exercise extreme caution when approaching, passing, and leaving the dredging plant when approaching, passing and leaving the area of operations, and remain a safe distance away from the dredge, booster, buoys, cables, pipeline, barges, derricks, wires and related equipment. Dredging operations will be conducted twenty-four (24) hours a day seven (7) days a week, a slow NO WAKE speed is requested of transiting vessels. All vessels are requested to contact the dredge ROCKBRIDGE on VHF channels 13 or 16 prior to passing. For further information, contact: James M. Cottrell at (757) 547-9611.


*new*     FLORIDA - FLORIDA KEYS - KEY WEST HARBOR: Special Local Regulation and Conch Republic Navy Parade.

The 2022 Conch Republic Navy Parade and Battle will occur on April 22, 2022.  The Captain of the Port (COTP) Key West, FL has established a Special Local Regulation encompassing the parade course and battle area. The regulated area encompasses the navigable waters approximately 150 yards offshore from Ocean Key Sunset Pier, Mallory Square and the Hilton pier within the Key West Harbor in Key West, FL.

This Special Local Regulation listed in 33 CFR 100.701 Table 1(b)(2) will be enforced from 7 p.m. until 8 p.m. on April 22, 2022.  During the enforcement period, no person or vessel may enter, transit through, anchor, or remain within the regulated area without permission from the COTP or his designated representative.

A succession of not less than 5 short whistle or horn blasts from a patrol vessel will be the signal for any non-event participating vessel to take immediate steps to avoid collision. Also, the display of a red distress flare from a patrol vessel will be a signal for any and all vessels, including event participants inside the regulated area, to stop immediately.

All mariners are advised that discharge of any non-biodegradable debris (water balloons, plastics, etc) is prohibited and will be strictly enforced. Non-event participants are also prohibited from discharging any item into the water.

Spectator vessels are advised to anchor in sandy bottom to prevent damaging seagrass, coral, macroalgae, sponges, and other hardbottom community species.

For more information on this Special Local Regulation, please contact Sector Key West at (305)-292-8727.


*new*     FLORIDA - GULF OF MEXICO: Vessel and Subsea Vehicle System Sea Trials.

The cable ship ENDEAVOUR, owned by SubCom, LLC, will conduct subsea cable trials at four locations greater than 115 nautical miles off of the Gulf Coast of Florida. The vessel will be operating 24 hours per day with restricted maneuverability while deploying remotely operated subsea vehicle systems and conducting mock cable installation trials. The operation is scheduled to begin on, or about April 20, 2022 for a duration of approximately 4-5 days and ending on, or about, April 25, 2022. ENDEAVOR will be monitoring VHF Channels 16 & 13.

Trials will be conducted within a 10 x 10 km box centered on each of the following locations:

  1. 26-56.943N/084-45.944W
  2. 27-04.947N/085-11.757W
  3. 26-02.032N/084 36.341W
  4. 25-48.789N/084 44.464W

All vessels in the area are requested to maintain a one (1.0) nautical mile Closest Point of Approach (CPA) to ensure Safety of Navigation. For further information, contact: Daniel Marquis/Director, Permitting & Regulatory Services SubCom, LLC at (603) 285 5248 or