Notice to Navigators: UMR Chester to STL Cairo to Chester

GASCONADE pushed out this morning to check the shoals at 181 (red side) and 182.6 (green side).

We observed no less than 12 across the surveyed shoal at 181, and removed the red buoy.

At 182.6 we observed no less than 12 foot across the surveyed shoal area. The depths started to shoal up on the downriver side of the surveyed shoal, to the right bank side of the McKinley bridge abutment but maintained no less than 12 foot. That sand shoal is apparently flattening and migrating slowly down river, so we removed both green buoys between the Merchants and McKinley bridges.

Looks like we’ve got a small rise coming early next week.

-Cameron Morgan, USCG




Has been reported that 2 green buoys have been placed on the sail-line immediately below the McKinley Bridge with a strong draft on left descending bridge pier

Use extreme caution, a north bound boat reported missing the pier by 5’ today.  At this time I do not know what depth the greens are set in but will try to find out.

I spoke to Gasconade this morning, he set these buoys yesterday in 13 feet of water. There is about 12 feet of water for 90 feet behind them. The Gasconade is in Chester today starting to work north, I’ve asked him to reset these buoys in 11 feet with a zero gage when he gats back to St Louis.

Pathfinder is starting to run north from Cairo today. Potter will get underway tomorrow to work UM171-172.

-Bernie Heroff, Port Captain


The StL gage was about zero yesterday and it’s forecasted to maintain through the next week or more, as you know.

We aimed to set for no less than 13’, which was difficult with the shoaling moving across the channel in a few areas.

We set two buoys for the green standout at 182 with an average of 13’ along the buoys.

About 34 yards towards the right descending side the sand bank stands up to less than 9’.  The first green below the bridge is a lead-in buoy for the next green which marks that shoal.

If industry is loading to 10 now then I’ll push that buoy out a bit to open the channel tomorrow and set it at 12’.

We observed sand waves at 173 with some shallow depths just less than 12 across the channel.

I extended the red line up river at 171 to mark 13’, setting new reds at 171.5 and 171.8.   We set a green at 171.8 to mark 13 for the green standout there. It’s a slalom course trying to stay off the shoals there now, but the buoys will keep industry in 13’ between 167 and 183.

We’re down at Chester now and feeling out the shoal here. Given that industry is loading to 10’ and the gauge is at 2.8’, we’ll set at 13’ in this area today.

I’ll be working back up to StL today and will give you a call this afternoon with an update.

-Cameron Morgan, USCG